Lawnmower GT poster featuring the evolution of the Lawnmower GT on the right.
Our Lawmower GT team (from left to right): Jonathan Lin, Andy Cooper & Varuni Edussuriya
Lawnmower GT Promo Video
Race day!
Beauty shot.
Broken pieces didn't keep the Lawnmower GT down. We patched it up and gept on going!
Working on the Lawnmower GT during race day. Fixing on-the-go!
Lawnmower GT complete with custom bumper, Lego wheels, and a combination of other materials for a light, durable, easily-fixable rubberband racer!
Top view of the Lawnmower GT.
Fun redering of the Lawnmower GT
Getting advice from Andy Ogden during our prototyping phase. 
TONS of winding....
Lots of snapped and tangled rubberbands!
Working on an earlier racer prototype. 
Previous racer prototype. 
Always with a sense of humor :) 
In addition to building the cars, there was a charity component of the project. We chose to work with ArtWorks through the Armory Center For The Arts in Pasadena, and were sponsored by the Rowe & Gayle Giesen Trust. We helped students with posters they were working on for SexEd as well as screen printing. We also started a Charity Donation collection to gather supplies for the children at the Armory to use. 
One of the posters we put around Art Center to collect materials of all kinds to be donated to the Armory for children to use in creative ways. 
All of the teams from Art Center College of Design Grad ID, the Beijing University of Technology College of Art & Design, and Pasadena City College. 
Formula E event poster
Forula E promotional video by Hugo Giralt. 
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