I explored different pepper mill forms through sketching, 3D modeling in SolidWorks, and physical prototypes on the wood lathe. After deciding on a design, the rest of the project relied on a careful manufacturing process. 
The final pepper mill made of purple heart wood. My mom currently uses it at home :)
Progression of the pepper mill, from practice on the wood lathe to a final prototype and then the final product made of purple heart wood.
3D model of the pepper mill created in SolidWorks to fit the grider mechanism. Used for reference in manufacturing. 
Manufactuing of the final pepper mill out of purple heart wood on the wood lathe. 
With all the wood shaped, the waxing process began. 
The final product. You can grip the pepper mill body comfortably while twisting the top to grind the pepper. 
Final pepper mill glamour shot depicting the top knob. 
Final pepper mill glamour shot shows the grinder at the bottom. 
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